Crochet mood blanket 2014

One of my (many) planned crochet projects this year is the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014.  It all started as a plan by Mummy Stacey another Instagram user.


Basically you have to crochet either a granny square a day or a granny square a week,  but in the colour matching your mood!
I’ve decided to use a size 4 hook & my favourite yarn; rico creative cotton aran rico baby classic dk (chosen instead of cotton due to the amount of aran it took to crochet just one square…over 1/2 ball of it! It would have been one costly blanket!) , in the following shades to match my moods:

My border colour and my colour to join them all together will be the same yarn in ecru:

I have searched &  searched for a granny square that I really loved but ended up going back to square one (sorry about the pun) and choosing this fab yet simple pattern from Attic24

I have also thought if I get a bit bored with the basic granny square,  I’ll do a jazzy patterned square for special occasions like birthdays etc.

I’ve decided to do a 7×8 square blanket (I know you maths geeks are shouting at me that doesn’t equal 52…hold your horses whilst I explain).  So you can’t get 52 squares in a blanket shape,  so my plan is to do 7×8=56. The remaining 4 squares I’m going to do all the same and they will be my corner squares (I just haven’t thought what colour/pattern to do them all in) .  I also like the fact that this square pattern is done in rounds.  That way if I do a square over a couple of days or even have mixed moods on one day,  I can mix the colours!  I plan on having a very mixed colour blanket… My moods are very varied and changeable… I’m not a cancer for nothing!
I’ll try and keep you up dated on how I’m doing,  but I’m just going to go and start for my first square for week 1. I’m feeling happy and motivated so it will be a mixed colour square,  my next decision is how many rounds to do per square… I’m thinking 6 or 7, but I’ll confirm later!

3 thoughts on “Crochet mood blanket 2014

  1. Love your tone in the blog- it’s like you are having a good chat! Thanks for the help with the squares too as was wondering how to make my 52 into a blankie! Looking forward to the next post
    Love jenpot76 xxxx

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